ESP Panel is a collaboration between GTC (Gloucester Timber Company) & PROTEK.

The timber industry has, for decades, had a problem with water damage to all the commonly used products, poor treatment, poor site storage etc. The impact of water damage to products can have catastrophic consequences. GTC (Gloucester Timber Company) were asked for their expert advice to a university student accommodation centre where cladding trims were falling off the building endangering life as well as the fabric of the buildings themselves - the cause? The cladding was attached to plywood which was de-laminating and compromised ALL the fixings.

Plywood is supposed to be sealed, especially if cut, and all the manufacturers of sheet materials stipulate this in their product literature. The problem is they do not say what with, because there was nothing proven to actually successfully prevent water from penetrating edges of plywood - UNTIL NOW!!

GTC went to PROTEK, who very quickly came up with the solution - ESP Panel! Tests were carried out in Gloucester and Shepton Mallet and we knew we had the right product that the industry needed. Third party testing by BM TRADA has scientifically proven that this will protect plywood from water ingress to its internal veneers even in the harshest of wet conditions. Untreated plywood started de-laminating in one week, the treated sheets were still sound after three!!

So if you use plywood you really need to use ESP Panel. 1 litre will seal 200m of 18mm plywood edges, that's 21 full sheets protected!!

For other sheet thicknesses the coverage is:
3.6mm ~ 1 Litre seals 100 sheets
5.5mm ~ 1 Litre seals 68 sheets
9mm ~ 1 Litre seals 42 sheets
12mm ~ 1 Litre seals 31 sheets
18mm ~ 1 Litre seals 21 sheets
25mm ~ 1 litre seals 15 sheets

Brush Care

Whilst the brush is still wet with ESP Panel it can be rinsed with cold water.

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The First Month
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